The 21st Century is surely about TECHNOLOGY & INTERNET. The World is definitely revolving around the internet these days. Internet has become a part of life. People from all walks of life are lost in the ‘Internet World.’
            There is so much on the Internet – This is very true but I felt it deeply just few minutes before I started with this blogpost. I returned home after a good movie and dinner, I was not very sleepy as I had enough rest in the daytime as it was a Sunday. I didn’t want to waste time lying on the bed and hunting for sleep. So, I just took my mobile and made up my mind to do something interesting for 30 mins and then sleep.
           I follow a lot of motivational FB pages and hence I started with Facebook. Couple of amazing videos blew my mind and I was feeling motivated. I got deviated to a travel website which had the perfect collection of best places to visit in India. I started noting down the places that was interesting for me. Meanwhile, my love towards watching Dance performances held my attention for a while as I came across a facebook page of a television channel that has dances shows in it.
         Then I started googling about few celebrities and businessmen whose achievements inspires me a lot. I feel its a great habit to read about such people because when you read about the course of their journeys, you will automatically start imagining or visualising it and that stays in your mind. And when you keep thinking about such positives, it truly happens to you. As a saying goes : “What you think, you become.”
          After all these, I got into watching some reality shows, singing shows and comedy shows. And all of them were so interesting that I didn’t feel bored even for a minute. Then, I felt exhausted and decided to dedicate 10-15 mins to work on the e-mails and go to sleep.
        I was done with it , closed everything and just gave a look at the time. I was shocked to see that it was more than 100 minutes since I started with the internet. I could not believe it and that’s when I felt – Damn ! There is so much on the Internet. There are definitely a lot of positives and negatives on the internet but the contents are unlimited. It is left to us as to how we receive it. Internet is truly a great discovery or invention of mankind and everyone can benefit from it.
               “There is sooo much on the Internet, make the most out of it.”

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