About me

“Don’t wait for opportunity, create it.” – This wonderful quote is absolutely relevant to the one of the best entrepreneurs in India – Mr. Vishvesh Wali

Vishvesh Wali is an Indian Serial Entrepreneur, avid traveler and an author. He runs 4 successful businesses in different fields like Catering, digital marketing, travel and personality development. 

He started his entrepreneurial journey by venturing into a catering business with the brand name ‘Swaad.’ He was successful in developing ‘Swaad’ as one of the top catering brands in Bangalore. 

He is the author of the Global bestseller book – ‘One Life, LIVE IT.’ More than a million copies have been sold. He believes starting early and living life to the fullest helped him achieve so much at a young age of 30. 

He relishes being a part of the ‘Digital Deepak Internship Program’ in 2020, organised by one of the top Digital Marketer & Mentor of India – Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju. The program not only helped him grow his existing business phenomenally but also encouraged him to start a Digital marketing company that serves only the premium automobile brands like Mercedes Benz, Audi, Jaguar, BMW to name a few. The reason for being specific about automobile brands was due to his never-ending love for cars and bikes. 

He is also known for his travel startup ‘LIVE2DRIVE.’ This startup helps ardent travellers earn through long drives. He always loved going on long drives and hence discovered a way Wherein people can not only enjoy the drive , but also earn from it. 

His company ‘Be Smart from the Start’ is into Personality development for students below the age of 18. He has successfully trained 100s of students who have had miraculous transformation. He believes that students lack developing their personality until they face interviews after their under-graduation or post-graduation. Hence, his personality development courses focus on students below 18 only. 

He believes starting early in life and focusing on productive activities at different stages of life from childhood will help in building a brilliant personality. 

In August 2025, he was placed in the ‘Top 100 Influential People in the world – Under the Age of 30.’

He believes strongly in this statement ‘Work hard for few years of your life like others WONT, and live the rest of your life like others CANT.’

Hope you all are inspired and SET to take action to achieve your goals.